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The Mighty Vulcan, Our Fairies & Steampunk combined!

Ian J Chalmers-Worth

Last Saturday the fairies and ourselves packed up and ventured with some trepidation towards the Vulcan experience at Robin Hood airport. The event was a Steampunk Spectacular organised by the White Rose Yorkshire Steampunk's.

We knew we loved steampunk and this is reflected in some of the products we sell, but we were unsure how we would fit in! For anyone not sure what steampunk is: the definition is blurry, but it involves a combination of Victorian fashion and steam technology with a modern twist!

The Lady herself (The Vulcan) was definitely the reigning celebrity: it was such an honour to spend time in her presence and to be trading so close to her. The event helped raise money for the upkeep of the Vulcan and I sincerely hope more money was collected than expected.


Everyone was so happy and the costumes were fabulous, not obligatory at all though! If you would like to attend a Steampunk event and are put off by the idea of waring a costume don’t be everyone is so welcome!

We had fantastic entertainment…fancy a bit of parasol duelling (Intrigued, we definitely were) or watching the flamenco dancing!


Money was also raised for cancer research by raffling an original piece of artwork…a remarkable, family friendly, extremely enjoyable event!:

 Here we are! (Fairy Wings & Things}

A wide assortment of wonderful stalls ensured there was something for everyone. The fairies were overjoyed to be part of this and we are thankful to the organisers, volunteers and everyone else who made this possible! Not Forgetting the wonderful attendees without whom the event would fizzle, Thank you! Also to you one of our valued followers for reading this x

Our next Steampunk event I will dress up! (I didn’t feel out of place not doing so)

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