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The Three Graces, Print

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The Three Graces, Print
Mounted prints by Josephine Wall

You will be captivated by this Stunning A4 print of Josephine Wall's "The Three Graces" artwork.

Representing the daughters of Zeus, three enchanting Goddesses full of beauty and with a radiance that shines down as they look down from Mount Olympus. These three Goddesses signify all that is beautiful, noble and pure.

  1. Aglaia (brightness) symbolised by brightly coloured butterflies,
  2. Euphrosyne (joyfulness) symbolised by the joyful sound of birdsong,
  3. Thalia (bloom) symbolised by a headdress of flowers."

This gorgeous print will make a lovely gift or look superb on your own wall. It is mounted with on A3 board ready for you to select your favourite frame or put on the wall "as is". 

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