Spiritual incense gift pack
Incense descriptions
Spiritual incense gift pack
Incense descriptions

Spiritual Incense Gift Pack

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Gorgeous selection of quality incense sticks. A lovely gift for anyone including yourself (obviously not to be used by young children)! 

Containing 6 different fragrances in tubes featuring images from renowned fantasy artist Anne Stokes portfolio. Each Anne Stokes artwork themed tube contains 20 quality incense sticks, fragrances carefully chosen to be in harmony with the corresponding artwork.

The six fragrances are:

  1. Mystic Aura: Lavender
  2. Glimpse of a Unicorn: Sandalwood
  3. Dragonkin: Patchouli
  4. Water Dragon: White Musk
  5. Oak King: White Sage
  6. Spirit Guide: Frangipani

Safety Warning:

  • For use with incense stick holders and ash catchers only
  • Place away from flammable materials
  • Light and use in a well ventilated area
  • Store and burn out of the reach of children and pets
  • Never leave incense unattended when burning
  • Seek professional advice before using if pregnant or have respiratory problems